Communication and Presentation: Love the MIX!!!!!!

This week I “tweeted” for the first time.   Last week I posted to a blog for the first time.   I also wrote a brief intro to my first ever zombie tale with a classmate.   Yet all of these firsts were overshadowed for me by using Officemix for the first time.   Our prof. introduced us to this new add-on for Powerpoint in Microsoft Office 2016 and I am extremely excited to try it out in my class.

In the past, I have had small student teams use Microsoft Photostory to share concepts or ideas with classmates.   I have also tried to have students use the voice recording features in earlier versions of Powerpoint.   Photo story was user friendly but a bit too constraining for some of the student ideas, while the earlier versions of Powerpoint were not very user friendly when it came to recording presentations…. at least not for 4th-5th graders.

After trying Officemix during my Master’s tech class, I am eager to have my students try it themselves.  This year, when we create Powerpoints to share the results of our science experiments, I am going to have the students try to narrate their presentations using Officemix.   That way, we can share these presentations on our classroom website and discuss them over time.

In our building, we do these “two minutes to teach” sessions where a teacher gets up at an all staff meeting and shares something they think other teachers will find useful, whether it is a resource, a classroom management technique, or even, perhaps, a new add-on for Powerpoint. : )   I will be requesting a “two minute” slot of my admin so that I can share this cool new tool with our building staff.


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